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Coordinating resources and providing people with the participation of the public through efficient, sustainable and planned products by providing services in accordance with the public policies.

History of Ambanpola Divisional Secretariat

Ambanpola Divisional Secretariat is being established in the Yapuwa Electorate in the Kurunegala District in the North Western Province. It is situated to the North by Galgamuwa Divisional Secretary's Division, South to Mahava Town Secretariat Division, Ehetuwewa Pradeshiya Sabha East, and to West Bank Kotawehera Divisional Secretary's Division. The land area is 136.93 square kilometers. This Divisional Secretariat Division is scattered throughout the 28 GN Divisions of Gantih Korale.
The main road from Kurunegala to Anuradhapura runs from Ambanpola to Nikaweratiya and from Ambanpola to Ehetuwewa runs through the city of Ambanpola. The railway track between Colombo Fort and Kankesanthurai and the Ambanpola railway station are also located in this division. Kekatiya Ela which is close to the Ambanpola town and flowed to the Inginimitiya reservoir. There are 2 large irrigation channels in Ambagolawewa and Madiyawa and a few small irrigation channels.The dry zone is covered with shrubbery in the dry zone. The water flows from the northern and eastern boundary.
This area, which covered administrative duties from the Mahawa Divisional Secretariat, commenced as Divisional Secretary's Division in 1988 as a Divisional Secretariat at the Ambanpola Pradeshiya Sabha Sub Office in Mahawa Pradeshiya Sabha Sub Office and a new two storied building on Main Road, Anuradhapura It was a day off. It is one of the most difficult territorial secretariats, with a population of 27,316 and 122 villages.
This Divisional Secretariat area is part of the half plain zone. As regards the soil, the irregular rocks of biotin NICE and GRAINIT NICE appear to be abundant. The ancient Rajamahavihara and Pilla ruins are a special place considering the historical importance of the division. Sandungiri Rajamaha Viharaya and Ganepuraana Raja Maha Viharaya and Gawarathissarama Viharaya are historically important places. 
Rain is experienced in these areas with dry and dry climate with rainfall and monsoon rains. The North-East monsoon rains receive rainfall from September to February and the rainy rain takes place in March of April

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.E.M.D.M.Ekanayaka 1997 1998
Mr.R.M.Bandara Rajapaksha (Acting) 1998 1999
Mr.A.H.S.Wijesingha 1999 2001
Mrs.U.A.Chandra Gunarathna 2002 2012
Mr.W.S.Senathissa 2012 2017
Mrs.H.M.C.J.Herath 2017  Up to Date

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Regional Livelihood Coordinating Subcommittee Special Meeting - 2022

Regional Livelihood Coordinating Subcommittee Special Meeting - 2022

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